My super Sonny ♥


Hee, post ni sje je Emy buat sbb bosan. Well, honestly now i'm waiting for my truely Sonny. Sonny? Haha, i mean my true love. Act, dah ada someone but entahlah. It's too early, and i think i wanna be single for a while. Post ni bukan nk mnunjuk yg Emy ni bajet HOT okay. Haha, i love to be single. Taktau pulak single ni seBest ni. But honestly, I LOVE MY TRUE LOVE 

Love, I'm waiting for you. Please don't hurt me, like they did to me before. And please be nice to me hehe, i will take care of you. Promise! Ignore what others say about you, me and us. I LOVE YOU, my truely love. 

I  believe, i will meet my true love one fine day. InsyaAllah :) 


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